Great Race Culminates on Tejon Street in Colorado Springs

In the heart of Colorado Springs, the culmination of a historic event unfolded as the 2023 Hemmings Motor News Great Race came to an exhilarating close on the iconic Tejon Street. This renowned cross-country competition, known for its celebration of vintage automobiles, brought together automotive enthusiasts and race enthusiasts alike. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the excitement and spectacle of the Great Race’s grand finale on Tejon Street.

The Great Race Finish Line
The Great Race Finish Line

The Great Race is an annual spectacle that combines elements of precision driving, navigational skills, and a passion for classic cars. In 2023, the race drew participants from across the country, each steering their vintage vehicles through a challenging route that spanned thousands of miles. As the culmination neared, the anticipation among participants and spectators reached a fever pitch.

Tejon Street, a historic and vibrant thoroughfare in downtown Colorado Springs, was chosen as the grand finale location for the 2023 Great Race. Lined with charming shops, restaurants, and historic buildings, Tejon Street provided the perfect backdrop for the conclusion of this epic journey. The street was closed off to regular traffic, transforming into a bustling hub of excitement and nostalgia.

As the vintage cars approached Tejon Street, the air was filled with the distinct rumble of engines and the cheers of onlookers. Spectators gathered along the sidewalks, eagerly awaiting the arrival of the classic cars that had journeyed across the country. The eclectic mix of vehicles, ranging from Model Ts to sleek roadsters, added a nostalgic charm to the atmosphere.

Tejon Street became a stage for celebrating automotive history as each vintage vehicle rolled in. Participants, adorned in period-appropriate attire, proudly showcased their meticulously restored automobiles. The Great Race not only honored the craftsmanship of these classic cars but also paid homage to the bygone era of motoring.

The grand finale on Tejon Street attracted a diverse crowd of automotive enthusiasts, families, and curious onlookers. Local businesses embraced the festivities, setting up booths and outdoor seating to create a carnival-like atmosphere. The street resonated with live music, laughter, and the shared appreciation for the automotive legacy on display.

The climax of the Great Race on Tejon Street included a ceremonious recognition of the participants and the presentation of awards. Winners in various categories, including precision driving and navigational excellence, were acknowledged for their achievements. The atmosphere was charged with a sense of accomplishment and camaraderie among participants who had successfully completed this cross-country odyssey.

The 2023 Hemmings Motor News Great Race left an indelible mark on Colorado Springs, and Tejon Street stood witness to the grand finale of this spectacular event. As the vintage cars rolled down this historic thoroughfare, they carried not just the participants but also the spirit of automotive passion and camaraderie that defines the Great Race. The echo of engines and the cheers of the crowd on Tejon Street will be etched in the memories of participants and spectators alike, marking a chapter in the enduring legacy of this iconic cross-country race.

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