Membership Application

Vintage Motor Car Club of America (VMCCA) 

Pikes Peak Chapter 

Active Membership dues are $40 for the calendar year, checks payable to Pikes Peak Chapter, VMCCA. Annual dues will be accepted as early as October 1st. New memberships after July 1st at half annual dues. Members of all chapters are required to be members of VMCCA National.  

THE BULB HORN”, a Golden Quill award winning magazine featuring members cars, tours, and maintenance insights is included with National membership. It is published six times a year. Membership in VMCCA also gives you access to the National Member Roster. 

You are responsible for submission of National dues.  

National dues are currently $48.00 for 2024 if you apply and pay online at or send a check payable to:  

VMCCA Secretary 7501 Manchester Avenue, Kansas City, MO 64138.  

Online Application for Membership  

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