Meet the Team

James Perry is a past president of the club and now has a secret service entourage for life! Just kidding….James is the glue that holds the club together, a great organizer and without his leadership, this ship may have hit the rocks a while ago. He has a fascinating collection of truly vintage cars, one of which I believe was actually manufactured in Colorado Springs.

Rocky Mountain Car Club

Bob is the proud owner of a beautiful Buick convertible. You can see him cruising it with the top down when it is a clear day and precisely 75 degrees ferinheit which happens once a year for half a day here in Colorado. As official Treasurer he collects the moola for advertising on our site. (hint hint). Head of unashamed capitalism he would love to sell you a hat, shirt, skirt or pinwheel with our logo on it. Since Bob is the only one we can trust, please forward your advertising fees via $12 bills to Shameless Commerce Box 87795454 Grantillys Bahamas.


Nick Bowman is a webmaster for this site as well as a broker and marketing guru at House Calls Realty. He currently has a 1969 Eldorado that he throws money at, a cream puff 2000 Porsche 996 that his wife decided is hers, and a screaming 2000 supercharged Jaguar XKR convertible with “restricted performance” issues.

Additional Credits:

  • Plumber’s Crack Apologist:  Lucy Lastic
  • Obsessive Yard Care Specialist: Moses Lonergan
  • Word and Leisure Time Coach:  Key Keneetit
  • 401K Statement Analysts:  Douse and Burnham
  • Accounts Payable Administrator:  Imelda Czechs
  • Adopted Son from Sweden:  Bjorn A. Payne Diaz
  • Airline Seat Tester:  Wilma Butfit
  • Animal Control Officer:  Turner Luce
  • Assistant Director of Moral Support:  Hugo Gurll
  • Behavior Consultant:  Wyatt B. Hoovesia
  • Caffeine Addiction Counselor:  Bruno Moore
  • Chief Legal Counsel:  Hugh Louis Dewey of Dewey, Cheetham & Howe
  • Cliche Monitor:  Saul Wellingood
  • Clothing Designer:  Hugh Jass
  • Credit Counselor:  Max Stout
  • Customer Greeter:  Mel Pugh
  • Director of Purchasing:  Lois Bidder
  • Divorce Attorney:  Carmine Nottyors
  • Head of Security:  Barb Dwyer
  • Marine Biologist:  Frieda Wales
  • Wine Snob:  Noah Merle Low
  • Official Spokesperson:  Howie Vasive
  • Restroom Attendants:  Trudy Door & Donna Hall
  • Russian Chauffeur:  Picov Andropov
  • Staff Intuitionist:  Ivan Inkling
  • Staff Sommelier:  Avery Goodyear
  • Tom’s beard cleaner: Emile Initself